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by Josh Cincinnati

Mostly tech satire. Occasionally not.

The Oracle

A Fanfic

Hashtag Hamlet

Imagine the skull is an iPhone

Over-Engineered Solutions to Trivial Probability Problems with Golang and Concurrency

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love brute force and sync.WaitGroup

Gone West, to Grow with Crypto

There’s cryptocurrency in them idyllic SF hills

A16Z Insolvent After Software Crashes Annual All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

It ate fucking everything, said Andreessen

Lenovo Under Sustained Man in Middle Management Attack

Bureaucratic decision-making has compromised compromise

Study Finds 1% of Deflategate-Directed Cognitive Output Could End Poverty

Effort put into study itself could have cured malaria

Minimalist Socialism through Cryptocurrency

A proposed framework for a voluntary Star Trek economy

I Googled This Way of Attacking Problems

How common sense and survivorship bias generate lots of clicks

Coinbase Unveils Tip Button and I Squee With Excitement

Microtips to the rescue!

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