about me

I write and speak (often humorously), and advise or invest here or there. By way of disclosure, I am currently:

about bitbanter

This is my place without a platform, an unfettered outlet for my greatest joy: writing and performing satire. Most of the articles will be sardonic crypto takes. Some will be serious. Even fewer of them might be funny. Everything is free to read/listen and permissively licensed. I plan on publishing 1024 posts, targeting one a week. You can subscribe via RSS or follow me on Twitter.

If I keep to my rough schedule, the very last post will appear roughly ninteen years after I begin. At that point I will consider the project done, this prosaic cathedral complete.

...unless some degenerate wins the golden bitbanter tulip from The Web210 Raffle, in which case I'll have to write them a book. Still, the main arc of bitbanter will be complete.

No matter what bitbanter's trajectory, I hope you find something here that makes you laugh, makes you think, or makes you wonder why (I'd jeopardize my career to make jokes).


The CSS for bitbanter is a modified version of spcss, a beautiful, minimalist stylesheet provided under the MIT License. The font is one of my favorites: EB Garamond as developed by Georg Duffner and provided under the Open Font License. The musical snippet at the beginning of the audio posts is one of my favorite covers of my favorite songs of my favorite video game albums, by the eminently talented Blake Robinson.