My New GPS Based Web3 Game: Where in the World is Kwon Zhu Davieago

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Dear CT - I will tell you what i am doing and where i am if:

  1. we are friends
  2. we have plans to meet
  3. we are involved in a gps based web3 game Otherwise you have no business knowing my gps coordinates

-Do Kwon, September 17, 2022

Incidentally, I am excited to announce my brand new, gps-based web3 game: Where in the World is Kwon Zhu Davieago? Check out the contract here, and play it today!

I am not good at anything front-end related (or uh, smart contracts for that matter), so the game is just a smart contract immutably haunting Ethereum…but don’t worry I built in some iNcEnTiVeS to encourage others to fix that.

The game is simple. You send 0.1 ETH, a lat-long coordinate rounded to the nearest degree, and the address of the front-end you used (if any). Once your transaction is confirmed, you’re the “mayor” of that lat-long coordinate.

This is a multiplayer game, so — theoretically anyway — others would also do this.

So here’s the fun part: once Do Kwon, Su Zhu, or Kyle Davies publicly reemerges, then whoever has the lat-long coordinate closest to one of them wins a sixth of the ETH in the contract! The contract uses an off-chain oracle called “trust me bro” that dramatically simplifies the design (a model that should be quite familiar to anyone who used products by Do Kwon, Su Zhu, or Kyle Davies).

The contract won’t send the funds until all three have emerged (so it could potentially keep growing as others are found). There’s some weird front-running opportunities here but honestly this is all a joke so who cares, front-run away.

Once the winners are established, this brilliant, one-of-a-kind gps-based web3 game will send the following payouts:

Additionally, I will probably create some commemorative on-chain NFT for each winner — I don’t want to say they will flat out violate HarperCollins’ ownership rights of the Carmen Sandiego IP, but it might come close.

Have fun! And Do, if you’re reading this…please play.